Issue #11 RI Cover Revealed!

Sonic and Shadow dash past each other in front of what appears to be a giant robotic eye on Nathalie Fourdraine‘s retailer incentive cover for issue #11! Due out  November 28th, this issue will feature Sonic and Knuckles going up against their toughest opponent yet, as the rest of the Resistance struggles to loosen Neo Metal Sonic‘s iron grip on Angel Island!

11 RI.jpg

 Could this be the return of Metal Overlord?  We will have to wait to find out, but “The Battle for Angel Island” starts today at your local comic shop with issue #9! Look for our review soon! Likewise, we are holding a special GIVEAWAY to celebrate our 100th article! Check out how you could win a rare Spencer’s #1 variant or a t-shirt here!

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