Welcome to the IDW Sonic Timeline! Here we attempt to chronologically order all known events that have taken place within this universe. Since exact time frames for events are few and far between, this is a best attempt at putting events in their proper order. Likewise, events may be revised or incorrect depending on the in canon source from which they come. Be warned! This timeline, by necessity, includes SPOILERS!

Last Updated: 9/19/18 Issue #9

Before Forces

  • The events of past Sonic games occur under similar, yet unique circumstances including those of Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations, and Sonic Unleashed.

Sonic Forces

  • With the power of the Phantom Ruby, and his newest minion, Infinite, the Eggman Empire is able to take control of nearly all of Sonic’s world. Thanks to the Resistance and the help of a brave Rookie, Sonic is saved. Together they fight back and defeat Eggman and Infinite. After the final battle, Eggman mysteriously disappears but his badnik hordes continue to aimless terrorize the countryside.
  • Whisper, known to the Resistance as the legendary “Guardian Angel” assists in fighting the Eggman Empire from the shadows. (#8)
  • Dr. Eggman removes Metal Sonic’s rebellious nature and upgrades him into Neo Metal Sonic. (#7)


  • Rough & Tumble arrive at the Wispon distribution center and offer their mercenary services to repel the rogue Badniks (#4)
  • Rough & Tumble take over the town, stockpiling supplies including Wisps and Wispons, and hold the townsfolk hostage by using the Badniks roaming outside the walls. (#4)
  • Dr. Eggman loses his memory and ends up in the mountain village where he assumes the identity of Mr. Tinker. (#5)
  • Neo Metal Sonic assumes the identity of Dr. Eggman and continues to lead the Eggman Empire under this guise as he searches for his master. (#7)

Fallout Arc

Approximately 7 months after Forces

  • Sonic helps a town repel attacking Badnik forces with the assistance of Tails. (#1)
  • Sonic moves on to help the next town while Tails stays to help rebuild. (#1)
  • Neo Metal Sonic as Eggman orders a battalion to attack the next nearest town and to ensure the Resistance hears about Sonic’s most recent victory, so that they can crush both him and Amy Rose at once. (#1)
  • Amy Rose tracks down Sonic in the next town and attempts to persuade him to rejoin the Resistance. (#2)
  • Sonic and Amy Rose coordinate with the townsfolk to repel the Badnik battalion.(#2)
  • Amy Rose suggests Sonic head to a nearby town to assist Knuckles. Amy heads back to the Resistance HQ, while Sonic departs to assist Knuckles. (#2)
  • Sonic finds Knuckles outside a town defeating a Death Egg Robot
  • Sonic & Knuckles infiltrate the town and defeat Rough & Tumble, freeing the Wisps and townsfolk. (#3)
  • Knuckles returns to Resistance HQ, and Sonic continues looking for whomever is behind the organized Badnik attacks. (#3)
  • Neo Metal Sonic  as Eggman begins to make plans for the unguarded Master Emerald (#3)
  • Sonic arrives at a hilltop town with a giant Buzz Bomber deploying countless Badniks. (#4)
  • Sonic assists the Townsfolk and meets Tangle the Ring-Tailed Lemur. (#4)
  • Blaze the Cat arrives from the Sol Dimension and assists Sonic and Tangle in destroying the carrier and dispatching the Badniks. (#4)
  • Blaze reveals that the Sol Emeralds warned her that Sonic’s world needed help and decides to stay and help until the matter becomes clear. (#4)
  • Sonic departs in search of the source of the organized Badniks. (#4)
  • Eggman is shown tattered and dirty hiding in a building, he ominously states that he will fix everything soon. (#4)

The Fate of Dr. Eggman Arc

  • With Badniks continuing to cause trouble, the Chaotix Detective Agency is hired to find out what happened to Dr. Eggman. (#5)
  • With the Chaotix assistance, Sonic locates Dr. Eggman in the mountain village who has assumed the identity of Mr. Tinker having lost his memories. (#5)
  • Shadow arrives, along with Rouge, intent on eliminating Eggman. (#5-6)
  • Sonic and Shadow battle and Sonic convinces Shadow to leave Mr. Tinker be. (#6)
  • Sonic and company leave Mr. Tinker to live in the mountain village and work on “Eggmanland”. (#6)
  • Neo Metal Sonic as Eggman departs to join the Egg Fleet to assault Angel Island. (#6)

Meet the New Boss Arc

  • While on patrol in the Tornado, Sonic and Tails spot a stealth Egg Carrier. (#7)
  • Sonic infiltrates it in order to gather data on who is controlling the Eggman Empire and what their plan is. (#7)
  • Sonic confronts the Eggman fake who reveals himself to be Neo Metal Sonic and demands to know the location of Eggman so that he may resume control of the empire. (#7)
  • Sonic and Neo Metal  Sonic battle but Sonic escapes and warns the Resistance. (#7)
  • The Resistance begins planning to defeat Neo Metal Sonic and the Eggman Empire. (#7)

Silent Support Arc

  • Neo Metal Sonic captured Angel Island turning into a flying fortress by harnessing the power of the Master Emerald. (#8)
  • Sonic heads to Arsenal Pyramid to see if he can find any data on Neo Metal Sonic’s plans. (#8)
  • While infiltrating the base, Sonic encounters Silver who has returned from the future to help since it is worse than before. (#8)
  • Sonic and Silver encounter Whisper, who they convince to join forces with them. (#8)
  • The trio are stopped by E-107 Theta who has been integrated into the pyramid’s defense system. They defeat him and acquire the data that Neo Metal Sonic is planning to invade Angel Island and capture the Master Emerald. (#8)
  • Sonic warns the Resistance of Neo Metal Sonic’s plans and warns that they will need everyone to retake it. (#8)

The Battle for Angel Island Arc

  • The Resistance summons various heroes to their HQ and plan an assault on Angel Island (#9)
  • The Resistance boards their battleship and travels to Angel Island (#9)
  • The Egg Fleet opens fire on the Resistance who launches their assault. (#9)
  • They split into 3 teams: Sonic & Knuckles to defeat Neo Metal Sonic, Blaze to destroy the Egg Fleet on the the eastern shore, and everyone else to attack the western shore. (#9)
  • Sonic and Knuckles discover Neo Metal Sonic who transforms into Super Neo Metal Sonic. (#9)