Issue #10 Covers Revealed

We have seen just how formidable Neo Metal Sonic is, and his recent transformation into Super Neo Metal is even more awesome and terrifying. Next month’s covers perfectly capture the level of threat this iconic villain presents Sonic and the Resistance!

While solicitations credited Jonathan Gray with the A cover, it seems instead it will be done by Adam Bryce Thomas. It beautifully depicts the Resistance in the shadow of their greatest foe yet, Neo Metal Sonic.

The B Cover is illustrated by Tracy Yardley, depicting Super Neo Metal, in all his terrible glory, picking up where the last issue left us. And of course, the wonderful homage to Sonic & Knuckles on Nathalie Fourdraine‘s RI cover that we were graced with in the October solicitations!

Sonic & Knuckles have their work cut out for them! The Battle for Angel Island has begun! Issue #9 is in stores now, and you can pick up all of these issue #10 covers on October 24th! Look for our issue #9 review soon, as well as the latest IDW Sonic news! Likewise, we are holding a special GIVEAWAY to celebrate our 100th article! Check out how you could win a rare Spencer’s #1 variant or a t-shirt here!

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