Special Limited #7 Variant coming to SDCC 18!

Just as the buzz around the numerous issue #1 variants is beginning to die down (I hesitantly put the final count at 17!), the next mile stone issue was announced a couple of weeks back! The A cover for issue #7 is slated to be a special gold foil edition by Kieran Gates! And if that was not enough, Diamond Comic Distributors announced in a recent press release that attendees of this year’s San Diego Comic Convention will be able to pick up a copy of another exclusive foil cover. Details of the artwork have not yet been released, but it will likely be a variant of the artwork on either the A or B cover. The placeholder image credits Adam Bryce Thomas who is illustrating the B cover, but this may or may not be significant. What we do know is that only 2,000 copies will be printed. San Diego Comic Con will be running from July 19-22.

We will keep an eye out for more information and provide updates as soon as possible!

SDCC 2018 SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #7 FOIL CVR (not final artwork)

Secrets revealed! After the dramatic events of the last two issues and the secret of Dr. Eggman, Sonic races off to shut down the organized Badniks at the source. Unfortunately, there’s more at play than Sonic has realized, and more powerful players…

One of the first major villains of the new series revealed!

A special foil cover to celebrate entering the second half of Sonic’s first year at IDW!

Limited to 2,000.


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