Issue #4 Covers are Here!

Sadly, we only get 1 more issue of the new on going Sonic the Hedgehog book from IDW this month, but surely it shall not be the last! The first 3 issues have sold out (issue #1 twice!), and this one is sure to do the same! This Wednesday, (4/25) we will finally meet Sonic’s newest ally, Tangle! Likewise, the Princess of the Sol Zone, Blaze will make a fiery return! We have already seen the A and B covers, but just now the IDW Sonic Comic Squad has released the other two! Surprisingly, the first is Nathalie Fourdraine’s RI-A cover, depicting the trio falling from the sky with the wreckage of an egg carrier above them. Up until this point, her work has been the first seen, leading me to believe this cover may contain a small spoiler! The second, RI-B, is a beautiful recolor of Tyson Hesse’s promotional art you have probably seen floating around over the past few months! Take a look for yourselves below and make sure you grab a copy this week to complete your connecting cover collection by Hesse!


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