Issue #4 Cover Completes the Image!

Finally, the IDW Sonic Comic Squad has released the 4th and final connecting cover by Tyson Hesse. Featuring Sonic, Blaze, and newcomer Tangle. It joins issues #1-3 to make one unified picture of Sonic racing across the Emerald Hill Zone from Sonic 2! Issue #4 is coming out this month on the 25th! Be sure not to miss the arrival of Sonic’s newest ally, Tangle the Ring-Tailed Lemur! If the pattern is to follow suit, we should expect the rest of the issue #4 covers soon and a preview for issue #3 next week! Stay tuned Sonic fans!

If you still have not joined the IDW Sonic Comic Squad yet, what are you waiting for? It is a great community of Sonic fans with the added bonus of being able to get the latest IDW Sonic news straight from the source! If you are interested, you can head over there through this link!30531579_10156260976393279_5936470231361781760_o.jpg

Additionally, one of our readers, Jacob Mason, pointed out a video posted a while back on the Sonic Styles Instagram account showing 11 of the variants for issue #1. Most were covers we have already seen, but one I had not seen anywhere else! The 4th cover shown in the video below features Sonic and Tails like the rest, but also a foreboding Dr. Eggman in the background holding a strange device, that resembles a Death Egg. It is unclear which cover this is, but we will be sure to update our information as soon as we find out!


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