SxSW Panel Shows a Bright Future for Sonic

The SxSW Sonic panel has just wrapped up and there is plenty of news to talk about! From DLC and a physical release for Sonic Mania featuring Mighty and Ray as playable characters to Sonic themed Puma Sneakers to a new short form animation series based on Sonic Mania with Tyson Hesse as art director to even a teaser for a new Sonic racing game!

IDW was well represented among the other forms of Sonic media by artist Tyson Hesse, who in addition to talking about the new Mania animation showed off Tangle and officially revealed his issue #1 A cover. As he previously confirmed, it is the full cover version of the art that Matt Herms leaked the other day!

What is even more exciting is that now available at the official Sega Shop is a special package deal including the follow:


  • Issue #1 (Physical and Digital Copies)
  • Issue #2 (Physical and Digital Copies)
  • Issue #3 (Physical and Digital Copies)
  • Issue #4 (Physical and Digital Copies)
  • Mystery T-Shirt
  • Exclusive Issue #4 Variant

No additional information about the exclusive variant cover has been released as of yet. The bundle can only be purchased online for $40.00, be sure to head over now and get yours before supplies run out! They are sure to go fast!

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