October Titles Delayed!

Editor David Mariotte shared a few pieces of news on the IDW Sonic Comic Squad Facebook group. Some bad, some not so bad! First and foremost, it seems that the October titles, issue #10 and Team Sonic Racing will both be delayed into November. Mariotte did not give exact dates as to when we can expect them to hit stores, but it will likely be early November.

Secondly, there have been some interesting and mysterious creative team changes. Evan Stanley will now be getting an art credit for issue #10 along with Tracy Yardley. What exactly Stanley’s role in the upcoming issue remains to be seen. Mariotte hints that it is something “super cool and super secret”. Additionally, there is a permanent editorial change happening. Joe Hughes is leaving Sonic the Hedgehog for other projects and Megan Brown will be taking his place as Assistant Editor.

Finally, Mariotte announced that he will be attending Tuscon Comic Con on November 2-4, and assured fans that they will be on track in time for issue #11 in November!


    1. Just uploaded a new article now. Sorry about the gap. I run the site solo as a passion project, and sometimes life pulls me away! Expect more soon.


            1. Indeed, I hope it reassures those concerned there wasn’t going to be any world building. It almost feels like he was reluctant to even give them names this time around.


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