Issue #12 RI Cover Revealed!

Finally, we have a glimpse at the final retailer incentive cover by Nathalie Fourdraine! This issue will mark the completion of a full year’s worth of covers by this talented new artist!

The only cover revealed for Year 1’s grand finale so far, it features a familiar face many have speculated will make a decisive return at the end of this arc! As the solicitations mentioned, “an old foe will return”, and Eggman, of course, is the obvious candidate, but with the curveballs, Flynn has been throwing thus far, I have been hesitant to declare it with any certainty.

While I am now confident that it will be Eggman,  I am very curious about the plot vehicle they will use to reintroduce him. Has he been faking the whole time? Did his memories suddenly come back? Did Neo find him and develop a way to restore him? Or will he still be Mr. Tinker, and is this cover just another misdirect?! We still have a couple of months to wait until we find out!

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