August 2018 Sales Breakdown

Yet again, the time has come for another sales breakdown! This time we are looking at the numbers for August and issue #8 from! Beyond the debut of issue #8, we have numbers for Sonic the Hedgehog Vol. 1: Fallout!, as well as reorders for issue #7!

Issue #8, featuring the premier of  Whisper the Wolf, sold well, but at 13,354 copies, fell short of issue #7’s debut by about a thousand, ending 2 months of consecutive growth. While that is 6.36% less than #7’s 14,203, it is still a strong number, outselling #4, 5, and 6’s initial numbers making it the 5th best selling issue in the series at debut.

Although it did not sell out, issue #7 had substantial reorders, garnering another 2,106 copies ordered for August. These additional sales boosted the book up to 16,309 copies ordered in total! This makes it the 3rd best selling issue overall, and the 2nd best selling without a reprint! In total, issue #7 gained a 14.83% boost in copies ordered in August!SalesAug

Together, these sales helped prevent the average issue sales from dropping too much as it continues to normalize after April’s stellar launch, settling at 15,918 orders per issue on average. This puts #7 above the curve and #8 below, despite performing on par with other issues. This is a result of the relatively few data points available since the book is still so new, and the high sales of the first four issues.

Overall, I would say that the book’s sales are holding pretty solid, and if issue #8 follows suit, we may see a boost from reorders next month as well, further padding the numbers. I will wait until Year 1 is complete to make any Year 2 predictions, but I would project that the average issue’s sales will settle somewhere around 15,000 copies, well above Archie’s 6,000.SalesChartAug

These developments, have  had quite the effect on the all time Top 10 list for Sonic comics. Issue #7 climbs up the list to #4, and issue #8 debuts at the precarious #10 spot, bumping Archie #251 off the list. This puts 7 of 8 IDW issues in the Top 10, with only 3 Archie books struggling to stay on the list. If this trend continues, we could see all of Archie’s mainline books fall away by the end of the year. However, it seems that Sonic Boom #1 is intent on holding its #2 position, not moving since it was unseated by IDW #1 back in April.Top10Aug

Once again, Sonic takes the #2 slot amongst IDW books behind a special release. It trailed behind the premiere of the popular cross-over, Rick & Morty vs Dungeon & Dragons, which sold well over 30,000 copies! Beyond this special mini-series, Sonic strode well ahead of Star Wars, TMNT, and Transformers by a at least a few thousand copies each, continuing to cement itself as IDW’s best performing on-going series.

Compared to all comic released in August, Sonic performed well coming in 156th place for units sold, and 145th for dollars. While far from competing with the likes of Batman and Spiderman, Sonic continues to be highly successful as a licensed series by an indie publisher, racing a long at the head of the pack of such similar publications.

August also saw the first volume of the series released, collecting the first four issues. Sonic the Hedgehog Vol. 1: Fallout! received 1,978 orders, a strong launch for a trade paper back, especially considering that these numbers do not include sales from mainstream book retailers that only received the collection this past weekend. I would not be surprised if we saw these numbers double next month!

Overall, August was another solid month for IDW Sonic. The new issue sold well, the previous one was bolstered, and the first collected volume did well in its initial local comic shop release. We now have numbers for the first 2/3 of the year and are approaching the final, climactic arc, “The Battle for Angel Island”. I am sure IDW will continue strongly promoting the book and Year 1’s exciting finale, ensuring these numbers hold strong into the future!

Thanks for reading our latest sales breakdown, we hope you found it informative! We have lots of other Sonic content coming out daily too! Still to come in August: The Battle for Angel Island begins in issue #9, December previews of issues #12, and Sonic Source’s 100th article celebration (including a giveaway you will want to participate in)! Check back daily for the latest IDW Sonic news!



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