BumbleKast #74: Archie Characters in IDW?

It is time again for yet another episode of the BumbleKast with Ian Flynn and Kyle Crouse! Together they discuss the most recent iteration of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon and answer fan questions!

Per usual you can find the full episode below (starting at the Q&A), as well as a transcript of the material relevant to the IDW Sonic series!

Q: Any chance that any of your characters you created for Archie Sonic such as Conquering Storm, Relic the Pika, Razor the Shark, or Sonar the Fennec can come back in IDW Sonic?

A: Chance? Slim, infinitesimal. Glimmer of light in the dark? Maybe. Is it likely? Probably never, no, because of reasons that I really just can’t get into.  Every rare, once in a while, crazy idea of “They don’t serve any purpose siting in limbo, SEGA’s not going to want them, could I get them back? Could I use them as something else, you know, set up there own universe?” It wouldn’t be that difficult to transplant a lot of them and do something new. Well, how much money would that take? Who would you even talk to about that? When you get down to it, they’re not all 100% mine, because while I conceptualized most of them, the design work was done by a lot of other people. So they need to get their share, cut, or rights to it as well, and that starts getting really messy, really fast. It’s really not worth it. It’s really not worth it. It sucks but it’s the nature of the business. It’s creative work for profit. Sometimes things die on the vine even if they were promising, and so it goes.

I can see how I could put it together…and take the unused stuff and make it stand on its own, but I know I don’t have the funds for it, and I legit don’t think there’s enough of an interest in those characters to warrant the amount of money and time and legal headache that would go into even looking into them. I mean, sure, they have their fans, and you are all lovely people. Thank you so much. I know me and Aleah and everyone who contributed to them are very happy that they are resonating even after the fact, but I don’t know. If someone wants to do some crazy charity drive for “Let’s drum up money to rescue this arc’s worth of characters”, then maybe I’d look at it seriously, but I don’t think there’s enough people who would want that. Remember the good times. Write your fanfic. Draw your fan art. Let them live on those.

Once again, we see fans looking for any glimmer of hope that their favorite characters from the Archie series might return in some way, shape, or form. Per usual Flynn does his best to manage expectations without completely ruling out the possibilities. He also gives some valuable insight into just how much of a hassle financially, legally, and emotionally, such an endeavor to try to recover those characters even for other uses would be. Thankfully, Flynn has no shortage of ideas and is continuing to develop exciting new characters like Tangle, Rough, Tumble, and Whisper! As he said, let them live on through your fandom. The great thing about fictional characters is that they never truly die as long as we remember them!

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