June 2018 Sales Breakdown

The numbers are in for IDW Sonic’s third month and 6th issue! How are sales holding up, you might ask? Very well, indeed! Not only have order numbers held, but they have increased slightly! Read on for all the statistics you could ask for and then some!

Sonic the Hedgehog #6 sold 13,048 issues, and although that is only about 500 copies more than last month, it is nonetheless a positive sign of the long-term strength of the book. At this juncture it becomes the 5th best-selling issue of the IDW run beating out only the previous issue’s 12,561 copies. This brings the series’ total sales to 97,680 copies ordered with an average of 14,822 copies sold per issue! That puts issue #6 at 88.03% of the average issue’s sales! Likewise, it was IDW’s top-selling title for June, outselling the likes of Star Wars Adventures (11,376) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (10,683) by a significant margin.



For all-time Sonic comic sales, issue #6 takes its place on the Top 10 list at #7, knocking Archie #275 & 251 down a peg and bumping Archie #248 off this list altogether! IDW Sonic now possess 6 of the 10 spots on the best-selling Sonic Comics of all-time. However, if sales do not continue to climb, this list looks like it will begin to stabilize with issue #5 now in imminent threat of being bumped off the list as well.


The first reprinting of the run debuted in June as well in the form of the Sonic the Hedgehog #1-4 Box Set. The collection sold 1,395 copies, a respectable amount for a reprinting. While many who missed the comic’s initial release may have supplemented their collection with this; it was definitely aimed at tempting hardcore collectors to double or in issue #1’s case, quindecuple dip! The set included virgin covers of issues #1-4 that can be placed side-by-side for a seemless panoramic image of Tyson Hesse’s connecting cover art. If that was not enough, it also included a sketch variant of issue #1 on which fans could draw their own cover art or have their favorite artist sketch and sign!

The first half-year worth of IDW Sonic comics have done exceedingly well, a testament to the wisdom of IDW’s talents with licensed products and the Sonic’s loyal and passionate fanbase. Collectively almost 100,000 copies have been ordered by retailers, and when you factor in variants, digital sales, the box set and other exclusives, that number has already been well exceeded! I suspect we will see some big numbers next month when issue #7 hits stands and the new villain’s reveal is celebrated with an awesome foil cover! Just how high will they be? Who knows, but you can be sure we will be waiting to break them down for you!


    1. I plan on it. I have fallen woefully behind, but I’m working on getting everything back up to snuff! I apologize I’ve let thing slack!

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