BumbleKast #71: Sticks the Badger?

UPDATED: 9/12/18

BumbleKast #71 has finally arrived, and this time hosts Ian Flynn and Kyle Crouse talk about the highlights of the recent Hero Con and their feelings on E3! In the Q&A they discuss the popular character from Sonic Boom, Sticks the Badger, and the possibility of her appearing in the IDW book!

You can hear all about it in the podcast below and read a transcript of the IDW relevant portions of the Q&A below per usual! Likewise, the embeded video jumps right to the Q&A!

Q: What are your plans for IDW Sonic going forward well beyond its first year, and how is Sticks the Badger involved in them.

A: I can’t talk about that. I want her to be, but everything is up to SEGA. I am in the process of proposing what’s going to happen after year one, and I know generally where I’d like to take it after that, but all of that hinges on editorial approval and on SEGA’s approval. At this point I can’t even tease or throw out a knowing smile. Everything is in pre-production approval process. So even I don’t know what’s coming. …I have plans that could go out for the next ten [years].

Unfortunately, Ian was rather tight lipped about the prospect of Sticks joining the cast, but if any character was to make the transition, I believe Sticks would be the one to do it. She is something of a Deadpool type character, always breaking the 4th wall, allowing her to break conventions in a way that the reader can accept and appreciate. 

Q: If you were to adapt Team Sonic Racing into the comics what would it be like. Would it be something like Sonic Universe #45 or something like the champions arc or something else?

A: I legit cannot answer this question at this point. Don’t get too excited by that. Things are always moving or shifting. I legit cannot approach that question right now. This isn’t even knowing smile, tip of the hat, kind of shrug, we’ll see. I don’t know. Let’s just leave it at that.

Likely bound my and NDA, Flynn seeming very uncomfortable even broaching the topic of some sort of Team Sonic Racing Adaptation. While he is probably forbidden to even discuss the possibility of such a tie-in, this may mean that something is already in the works! On the other hand, it could be nothing, but his strong denial lends me to believe he knows something that he just cannot share!

UPDATE: 9/12/18 It seems Flynn was holding his tongue, as about a month late it was officially revealed that there will be a one-shot adaption of Team Sonic Racing! However, Caleb Goellner is writing it instead of Flynn.

Hopefully, we can get a bit more out of Ian next time, but for now we will have to wait to see where the story leads over the course of the year!


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