Issue #5 Covers Are Here!

Once again, the IDW Comic Squad  has come through for us, delivering all the covers for the upcoming issue #5! Issue #5 marks the beginning of the book’s second arc, The Fate of Dr. Eggman and the true set up for Year 1’s plot. The first of the on-going monthly issues will feature the first appearances of the Chaotix Detective Agency: Vector, Espio, and Charmy! The Chaotix are on the case, helping Sonic find out exactly what happened to Dr. Eggman in the aftermath of the events of Sonic Forces. What mysteries will the Chaotix uncover? Find out when the book is released on May 30th!

Per usual, Ian Flynn will be writing this arc with Tracy Yardley doing the interior art with his partners in crime, Jim Amash doing inks, and Matt Herms doing colors. The A cover will  be Kieran Gates‘ second cover, for IDW Sonic, showing our hero standing in Eggman’s ominous shadow. Jamal Peppers returns for a second time as well to illustrate the B cover depicting Sonic surfing on a Badnik. And as previously revealed, Nathalie Fourdraine returns with her RI cover of Sonic facing off against his nemesis!

If you still have not joined the IDW Sonic Comic Squad group on Facebook, you are missing out, besides being the best source for the latest IDW Sonic news, it is a gathering hub for the Sonic community to come together and discuss their passion for Sonic in all his forms!

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