BumbleKast #68: Mega Drive No More?

Kyle and Ian are back at it again with the latest edition of the BumbleKast! This week Ian and Kyle discuss the interplay between the intention an artists imbues and encodes into their work, and the way the public perceives and interprets that work. It is an interesting conversation on communication and just how difficult it can be to transfer an idea from your head into the mind of another accurately! Even if you are just here for the Q&A, I would recommend you take a listen to the whole video.

As for IDW Sonic related questions, nothing groundbreaking this week, but Ian continues to chisel out the finer details about the new universe and what we may or may not see in it! One thing to note, however, is that Ian seem somewhat less optimistic about ever being able to conclude the Mega Drive mini-series than he has in past Q&A’s. He seems to be holding on to a spark of hope that it will be completed yet, but that flame seems to have wavered! We can only speculate on what is going on behind the scenes and hope that the comic book gods look kindly upon the Sonic Fandom.

Q: Are fans starting to like IDW Sonic?

A: That is an understatement. In case you hadn’t heard the news, Sonic #1-4, all of them have gone to a second printing, and Sonic 1 has gone into a third printing. Each individual issue has sold more than any of the old run by a large margin. And the numbers that are public right now are focusing mostly on the primary cover, physical sales. Not really the incentive covers, not the digitals. So, the numbers that we are seeing are the low end of the spectrum, and these are all full priced, individual  issues within the course of the month. It would make perfect sense for folks to get kind of burned out financially, but no, no, no, no, no, you guys have been kind of crazy go nuts. As I’ve said on Twitter, I am humbled and so very thankful that you have made IDW Sonic just an unprecedented success. (See a breakdown of the numbers here)

Q: I really enjoyed the Sonic the Fighters inspired story lines. Will loose adaptions of older spinoff games like Fighters, Sonic R, Sonic Shuffle, et cetera be a possibility in the IDW book, or have those things been determined to already happened in the past in the IDW universe?
A: The games have happened, they are all past tense. I wouldn’t rule it out entirely as like a flashback type of story, but given the current relationship we have with SEGA and our plans for the immediate future? I wouldn’t hold my  breath waiting for that.

Now when new games come out, how we adapt those, how fold those into the story line remains to be seen. But as we have stressed over and over again, this is a brand new book, we are only four issues in, we’ll figure it out as we go.

Also something else that has to get taken into account today is there is now a distinction between Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic as properties which is not something we really had to deal with Archie Sonic book. So, it’s a bold new world!

Q: I just wanted to say that I was a huge fan of the direction you were going with the Mega Drive comic. The story and humor were so on point, and I love the banter between characters. I lost it when I got to the panel of Knuckles retelling his encounter with Eggman. I was saddened to find that the final chapter of this series was in limbo. Which comes to my question, what’s the likelihood of the final piece of this series, or better yet, a new series starring Classic Sonic in the same style from IDW?

A: Questionable. Given what I know of things, I would not be optimistic about Mega Drive seeing its finale, which is heartbreaking. And I could be wrong, things could move in ways that I don’t think they would, and if they did happen? Cool, we just might get it, but I’m not holding my breath waiting for it to happen.

Now, a Classic series, by itself, something new. That would be… more possible, maybe? Do not take this as a knowing smile, subtle hint. There are no plans for a classic book, straight up. There are none at the time of this recording. If there was, they would probably follow more in vein with the Sonic Mania Adventures shorts that we have been getting online that are just so delightful.

To keep in mind, Sonic Mega Drive came out before Sonic Mania, and was done before there was really a clear distinction between classic and modern as different properties. So Mega Drive was written in a completely different climate than any classic work, today, would be written under.

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