CBR Previews Issue #2!

This past weekend, CBR shared an exclusive peek preview at the first few pages of IDW Sonic #2! In this adventure, we will see him once again hunted down by his biggest fan, Amy Rose! This should be an interesting issue, as Flynn has said that it will establish the character of Amy, who perhaps has had the most iterations of any Sonic character in all the various media over the years.

We see Sonic fighting a Death Crab robot and disposing of it with his usually ease. However, it is not quite out for the count until Amy Rose shows up to finish it off with her magical Piko Piko Hammer. Amy seems cool and composed, but Sonic seems visibly annoyed at her arrival. How will this relationship play out? If last issue was any indication, I expect Flynn and company to lay out a subtly layered new relationship between these two classic characters!

Issue #2 also debuts the return of artist, Adam Bryce Thomas. Adam is perhaps my favorite artist currently on the team, and worked with Flynn to make the promotional comics  for Sonic Forces. You can check them out along with my reviews below, but first, I know what you are really here for! Check out this sneak peak of issue #2!

Sonic Forces Digital Comics Reviews:

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