Tracy Yardley eBays Signed Original Pages of Issue #1!

Many Sonic fans are also big fans of Tracy Yardley! If you enjoyed his art in issue #1 of IDW’s new on going Sonic the Hedgehog series and would love to get your hands on an original page drawn by Tracy Yardley himself, now is your chance!

Yardley has put 7 pages of original art from IDW Sonic #1 on sale on ebay! The pages are all autographed by Tracy, with one also signed by inker Jim Amash, while the rest are signed by Yardley, but inked by Bob Smith. I am unsure as to the reason why, but the one with two autographs is only $90.00, but the rest are $100, all with free shipping!

If you love Yardley’s work or just want a piece of Sonic comic history, and you have some spare cash you can bear to part with, act now! You can find the ebay listings here! And take a look at the images below!

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