Issue #2 Jon Gray Cover Revealed!

Associate Editor David Mariotte recently posted in the IDW Sonic Comic Squad (The official Facebook group for the IDW Sonic the Hedgehog series) hoping that everyone enjoyed the first issue! In order to raise excitement for issue #2 which is coming out in just 5 days, he shared all of the second issue’s covers, including the yet unseen RI-B by Jon Gray!  Additionally, we see Tyson Hesse’s A cover, the second part of the set of 4 connecting covers, Adam Bryce Thomas’, who is doing the interior art, B cover, and Nathalie Fourdraine’s RI-A cover!

Jon’s cover shows Sonic and Amy Rose racing through a forest with a nod to Sonic CD, Amy’s first appearance,

in the form of a Past/Future sign.  And if that was not enough, Jon tweeted out a sketch of the cover as a bonus!DaDT_NzW4AEOC0G.jpg large

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