New Covers Revealed!

As I was fortunate enough to be able to snag one of the WonderCon exclusive variants, I was able to spy some of the yet unrevealed covers shown in the gallery inside. In addition to Rafa Knight‘s retailer incentive cover that was shown at the Town Hall, several others were revealed as well.

All of the new variants are for issue #1. The first is the RI-B Variant by Rafa Knight! Additional surprises included two previously unseen variants by two  unannounced artists: The Superstar Exclusive Variant by Edwin Huang and the More Fun Games Exclusive by Devin Kraft. Huang is mainly known for his work illustrating Street Fighter and Skull-kickers, but did illustrate a single cover for the Archie series to which this one bears an uncanny resemblence. Devin Kraft is an independent illustrator who has produced several of his own works as well as done commissions for many companies.

It also showed the rest of the known RI covers as well as the WonderCon variant,  a C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo April 6-8) variant that looks almost identical to the WonderCon variant, as well as the Diamond Retailer Exclusive (April 4-6) black & white variant of Hesse’s A cover.

Additionally, we know the covers shown do not include the box set variant, which is said to be a sketch variant, nor the Crash Course variant which is a black and white version of Kieran Gates‘ #1. So if my calculations are correct, the grand total of #1 variants currently stands at 12! As soon as better images of the covers become available, I will post them to the Cover Gallery!

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