Gamestop Exclusive Variant to Come with IDW Sonic Crash Course Game

After the astounding success of Shinobi7‘s Sonic Battle Racers Kickstarter, yet another Sonic miniatures board game was announced shortly thereafter, Sonic Crash Course! Complimenting each other perfectly,  Battle Racers is focused on the Modern Sonic IP, while Crash Course is influenced by the Classic style.


Created and licensed by IDW Games, Crash Course will be having a retail release this summer on July 25th for $29.99, but those who pre-order at GameStop will receive an extra bonus! A special, limited edition variant of Issue #1. From the image displayed on the website, it seems to be a black & white version of Kieran Gates‘ 100 copy incentive. This expands the issue #1 variant count to a grand total of 8!

Are you interested in either of these Sonic board games? If so which ones? Would you buy Crash Course just for the exclusive variant? How do you feel about the ever inflating number of variants for issue #1? Let us know in the comments below!

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