Get to Know Editor David Mariotte

The next entry in the “Meet the Editor” series has been posted at IDW’s website! This week we learn more about Associate Editor David Mariotte! If you are a member of the IDW Sonic Comic Squad on Facebook, then you have likely already come int contact with David. He has been very present in the group, reaching out to fans, making sure they feel welcome, and ensuring they are informed about the group and the newest IDW Sonic news. It has been great to see him so involved with the community leading up to the release, and it goes a long way to building trust in the community! Below is the complete interview with David Mariotte!

Can you start by telling us a bit about which Sonic character you relate to the most, and why?

As many people know, my favorite character is Big the Cat, but I think that’s because he’s my ideal, not the character I relate to the most. I’d love to be able to take things slow and steady like Big, but I often find things going fast.

So, I guess I ultimately relate to Sonic the most. And I think that’s part of the appeal of his character. He’s cool, he’s smart, he’s confident, he works hard to win against Dr. Eggman. I think everyone can relate to Sonic.

When was the very first time you were introduced to Sonic the Hedgehog? Would you have guessed you would one day be editing it?

I had picked up some of the old Sonic cartoons on VHS from my local video store as a kid, but the first time I really got introduced to Sonic was actually because of IDW. Back in the early days of IDW, we had worked on some game guides and the like and IDW CEO Ted Adams had a spare Dreamcast and a host of games. My dad worked at IDW at the time and being the guy with a kid the right age, I got the Dreamcast and Sonic Adventure. From that point on, I was hooked. I never really guessed that I would be editing it, but comics are a cyclical thing and clearly it was meant to be.

What would you say is the #1 thing about yourself that surprises people the first time they meet you?

Most people are surprised to find out that I minored in Gender and Women’s Studies in college. But having an understanding of intersectional feminism is incredibly important and informs all of my decisions.

 What has your favorite part about editing the Sonic comics leading into the release of IDW’s series?

I loved the fan reaction to Tangle. When you have a devoted fan-base, it can sometimes be scary introducing a new character, but people just reacted so positively that it absolutely made my month.

 What is the number one thing you’re excited for with the launch of the new IDW Sonic comic series?

I’m excited for new people to discover Sonic. Like, I like making comics that have a low threshold for accessibility and the fact that so many people might be able to get to know Sonic and his world for the first time through this comic excites me.

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