BumbleKast #63: IDW Sonic

For those of you who did not know, lead writer for the upcoming IDW Sonic on going series, Ian Flynn, has a bi-weekly podcast along with is friend Kyle Crouse called the BumbleKast. In addition to talking about all things nerdy, Ian occasionally shares tidbit about his work on Sonic comics in the Q&A portion, and their latest episode is no exception!

You can listen to the full podcast below. I have skipped to the beginning of the Q&A section not only since it is what is relevant to this post but in order to avoid the Black Panther SPOILERS in Ian and Kyle’s preceding discussion:

Below is a condensed transcript of the Q&A questions relevant to IDW Sonic:

Q: So do you have any plans to put some more new characters into IDW Sonic?

A: We have one character, thus far, that hasn’t even been hinted at, but no, well, actually no that’s a lie… We have one more heroic character that hasn’t even been hinted at yet, and then there’s some that are currently planned for the end of the arc, but I wouldn’t really count them since they don’t really come into their own until my year two plans, and that’s so far ahead that I don’t really want to say, “Yes they’re definitely in and this is what we are doing.” because that’s so well down the line. We’ve got Tangle, we’ve got Rough and Tumble, we’ve got  [CENSORED], who I think help broaden the cast a little bit in a ways that the game characters don’t fulfill, and after that, I don’t think we are going to be having too many new characters. We’ll have ones that we introduced who need to be explored and fleshed out. We need to really play with the game cast that’s there. I woudln’t be expecting too many new characters, no.

Q: Disregarding any current difficulties, legal or other wise, in the procurement of past Sonic properties for use by IDW, in the contingency that the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is given its own sub-comic or mini-series in a similar fashion to other IDW publications, would you be interested in writing for it or would you prefer that it be tasked to someone else.

A: Good on your for covering all your bases, I would not turn down the option to write more Sonic, because I enjoy writing Sonic, and I enjoy having money, but I would also not be heartbroken if adventures of was handed to somebody else. I don’t think I am on the same wavelength as the folks who still remember “Adventures of” and enjoyed it. Just different styles of humor, I guess. if it were in that incredibly unlikely scenario, I would certainly do my best to appease folks who would be actively looking for an “Adventures of” book, but At the same time, I wouldn’t be totally opposed to someone else handing it.  Someone who was a little more on that wave lentgh, like maybe Jon Gray…the chances of that happening are like next to nothing.

Q: What were the plans for issue #300 of Sonic the Hedgehog and #100 of Sonic Universe?

A: There is the slimmest of chances that those might see that light of day in some capacity in the future. So, I don’t want to undermine myself by saying now what might happen later. The new book is so new, and the territory we are in is so uncharted that I can’t say how likely it is that we might see them come to fruition. Maybe a year or two down the line, I’ll have a better idea where we are; I’ll be able to put that info out there more safely. But suffice to say, Universe was coming up on another anniversary issue and I was going to resolve some outstanding plot points, and with sonic it was just going to be a really big milestone, turning point in the book and hopefully we will get to explore that some more one day. Maybe its in lost hedgehog tales, maybe in a more robust capacity. Who knows.

Q: If the IDW Sonic comic is a new continuity then can Amy Rose love sonic the way she does in Sonic Heroes without being ridiculed by the other characters?

A: You mean when she actively hunts him down and beats him up to force him into marriage? No I’m not going to do that. That’s not where SEGA wants her character right now. It’s not where I want her character right now. It’s not where anyone wants her character right now. It’s like fifty shades of pink, I don’t know…no. She is  still absolutely in love with Sonic. That’s kind of one of her defining traits, but how she expresses it is going to be different. It’s been a long time since Heroes. SEGA has been clear on how they want that affection rendered in the book.

Q: Can story arcs in IDW Sonic comics be more than four issues long?

A: I’m treating year one as its own arc, and the stories within that will be variable lengths. The first four issues could be seen as four individual stories or you could see it as one self contained story, in a way. There’s a two parter coming up, there a one parter here and there, the finale is going to be multi-part. It’s not going to be like Sonic Universe where its four issues, we are going to be a little bit more experimental.

Q: Will the term Mobian be used in the IDW comics?

A: No, SEGA does not like the term Mobian which makes sense because it was only really used in a spin off cartoon that  been dead for over 20 years. So it’s not representative of the brand. If you want to call them Mobians, call them Mobians. I don’t care. but there is no Mobius, there are no Mobians, no Mobiums, no Mobinis, no mobile devices…only Eggmobiles

Q: What was going to happen in Sonic Megadrive Overdrive?

A: Again, I don’t know what the chances are of Megadrive seeing completion, so I don’t want to reveal all just yet. I wrote Megadrive as if it was a Genesis game. The final installment was going to be the last level, the final boss fight, that sort of thing. It was going to be the finale, you know, it was going to be the ending, everything’s culmination. Actually seeing the Megadrive itself, not the game system, but Eggman’s device. Hopefully someday we will find out. I have made arguments on my end. I have made explanations. I might be getting close to sacrificing small animals on the equinox because I really want to see it come out, but it’s not up to me.

What is apparent in Flynn’s answers to the first and last questions is that he would really love to see some loose ends tied up from his run at Archie, especially the release of the final chapter of the hit Megadrive mini-series. Moreover, it seems he still holds out some hope that he might be able to do so in some capacity one day. As mentioned previously, due to how new IDW Sonic is, when that day may come, if it ever does, remains to be seen.

We also got some insight into how new, original characters will be used in the series. Flynn teased that another heroic character will be making an introduction in the early parts of the series, with potentially others to come once the book is more established. However, overall, Flynn’s philosophy on adding new characters is that they need to fill a role that is not currently occupied by an existing character. In other words, they need to be supplemental to creating a fuller, more robust world, not redundant characters that are just going to compete with others for page space. This is welcome news to some fans who were concerned that long established game characters might be sidelined for an expanding cast of IDW exclusives. Regarding established characters, Flynn spoke on SEGA’s vision of Amy and her affection for Sonic. It will likely be more tamed like in Forces, as opposed to her more psychotic stalker counterpart in Heroes.

Further accentuating the fact that IDW is a new world, more aligned with the SEGA games rather than the cartoons, Flynn confirmed that the characters will not be referred to Mobians, something SEGA had already moved away from in the Archie run before it was cancelled. Likewise, Flynn said that he was not opposed to writing for a hypothetical book based on the more slapstick of the two classic Sonic cartoons, The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Finally, we found out that Flynn will have a bit more freedom than he did at Archie concerning story arc length. There will be no defined minimum or maximum number of issues in an arc. Personally, I do not think there is any reason to force a story into four issues. If it can be told in less, then do not force it. If it needs more, do not limit it!

What do you think of this new information? Are you excited for even more new characters and what do you think of the three revealed so far? What would you do to get your hand on the final chapter of Megadrive? Let us know in the comments below and if you do no follow Flynn’s BumbleKast podcast, make sure you do!

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