Flynn Teases New Enemy to Game Informer

A new interview has just been released by Game Informer with lead writer Ian Flynn. We are going to cover some of the highlights, but you can find the entire article here.

With the launch of the new series fast approaching, Ian Flynn first seeks to once again clarify certain points fans have been confused about or simply not willing to accept on top of describing the tone of the new book, as well as teasing a new antagonistic force looming in the shadows of Sonic’s world.

Some of the major points that may appeal to fans who have been following the development of the new book:

1) Once again, IDW Sonic will not continue or conclude Archie Sonic. It will be a completely new world.

IDW is brand new. There’s no connection from before aside from the creators that are involved. All of us are approaching this a a blank slate.

As has been reiterated numerous times already, the new book will have no connection to any previous iteration of Sonic comics whether that be Archie, Fleetway, or even the SEGA published Forces mini-series. It will be a fresh world starting with a new #1 issue.

2) In the beginning, the series will draw from the games and focus on game characters.

From the outset, I’m only considering the game material to draw from because you never known what the licenser wants represented or not. So down the line we might incorporate other older elements and fringes of the franchise, but for right now, it’s the core game feel.

As can be surmised from the featured characters in the first four issues, Flynn will begin with a tighter focus on mainline Sonic characters. Once SEGA and IDW have a good feel for each other there may be opportunities to incorporate other elements, but we should not expect that any time soon.

3) Flynn is interested in potentially “hitting notes” of what he was working towards in the Archie series.  

I would love for their to be an opportunity down the line to at least cover the notes of what I wouldn’t done with the old series, but we are in uncharted waters at this point. The IDW book hasn’t even launched yet. It’s brand new and so is our relationship with Sega. We’re feeling out what everyone’s comfortable with and what we can do with the future.

While many will see this quote and immediately see, “THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS ARE COMING BACK!”, I would be much more conservative in my assessment. What this most likely means is we may see some spiritual successors to certain tones or story points that Flynn never got to use or complete back at Archie. As he confirmed previously, there is no plan or intention to directly continue any story lines from the Archie series.

 4) The new book will be a balance of story and action fitting to the style of the games.

I’m going to jump in and treat this series  how Sonic adventures should be. Fast-paced and fun. Takes itself serious enough  so that you’re engaged, but not so serious that you’re rolling your eyes and saying, “come on, this is a blue hedgehog. Chill out.”

Flynn continued on to say the following about the launch issues of the series, specifically:

…but for right now, it’s the core game feel. Straightforward stories, lots of cinematic action early on. No long monologues or deep world building. No heavy focus on lore or backgrounds. It’s focused on the adventure we have on hand and building on that.

This is the quote seems to have cause many to raise their eyebrows, interpreting this as an abandonment of character development and world building. Personally, I do not see this at all, nor does the statement indicate it. I find it rather poetic actually. With the shattered world event wrapped up in the Archie series, they began similar more episodic issues featuring classic Sonic moments and characters. Flynn seems to be kicking off the IDW book with a similar celebration of Sonic and his friends in a brand new world.

Does that mean IDW will be a shallow, loosely tied-in, cash grab? Not at all! He did not say there was not going to be world building and lore, just that these things will not be the focus of the early launch issues. This is furthermore clarified as he immediate goes on to talk about the foreshadowing of a new antagonistic force that will be hinted at in those early issues. The bottom line is, IDW Sonic will start with a few fun, action-packed adventures celebrating Sonic and friends!

5) There will be a new antagonistic force built up in the new series.

Directly opposing any ideas that there will be no lore, character development, or word building in the new book, Flynn concludes his interview discussing a new “antagonistic force” that will be rising in the background.  He stated the following:

long-term fans will probably piece it together very early on. Cause fans will find it new, exciting, and interesting. They might not even know that it’s a reference to something older.

What could it be? I have no idea, but I’m eager to find out! Who or what do you think this new enemy will be? Let us know in the comments below!


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