IDW Local Comic Shop Subscription Form

In response to the plethora of fans asking how they can acquire a subscription to the eagerly anticipated new book, the IDW Sonic Comic Squad Facebook group has released a form along with helpful guide to submit to their local comic shops. You can find and print your own copy below to ensure you get the the covers you need to start your new Sonic collection right!


Unfortunately, the form only gives you the option to request the main comic covers (which will be done by Tyson Hesse) or each of the alternate covers done by the respective interior artist of that issue. If you intend to use this form and want to request the myriad of other covers for April, there are 17 in all, then make sure you pencil that part in as well! With the continued proliferation of variant covers, many local comic shops have an “All Covers” subscription option. If you are a Sonic fan, but are new to comics and looking to jump in with IDW, they also included a handy website to locate comic shops near you! Check it out here to find a local comic shop near you!

Likewise, if you have not joined the IDW Sonic Comic Squad on Facebook, go do so now! It is a must for any Sonic fan, and will give you access to the latest IDW Sonic news straight from the source. IDW and the creative team have been excellent about communicating with the fans there and it has become a haven for Sonic fans to share their passion for Sonic as well as their own creations, collections, and ideas!

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