Character Reveal in 3 Days!

Two days ago IDW teased an image of a determined looking Sonic holding the hand of a, presumably, more timid character to be revealed this Wednesday, January 24th! Yesterday afternoon they rolled back the cover a little more revealing a furry looking silhouette.

Of course, the speculation train is already roaring down the tracks. Is it a brand new character for a brand new book? Is it a beloved favorite with a new redesign? No one knows for sure, but they certainly are not shy about sharing their ideas!

The prevailing thoughts seems to be leaning towards the unknown character being Sonic’s old love interest from the comics, Princess Sally Acorn, but many others, including myself are not so sure considering the likeliness, or lack thereof, of the Freedom Fighters return in IDW’s iteration. Many other are presuming it to be an original character, but if that is the case, why block out the image at all when a silhouette would more than suffice to stump eager fans? More likely, this is a character we are already familiar with or at least one that is a bit more obscure most save the more ardent Sonic aficionados.

Whatever the truth may be, IDW continues to do an excellent job in promoting this new book within the community. This slow drip of information is sure to keep the fan talking up to the April release, and with solicitations coming in the next month, there certainly will be plenty to talk about!

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